Coulwood Neighborhood Watch

Coulwood has always been a safe neighborhood where we know our neighbors. The key to keeping the crime out of our neighborhood is knowing your neighbors and providing assistance to our Community Officers and CMPD. We know what is normal and what isn't on our streets.

Call 911 if there is any unusual activity, people or cars. Don't be afraid to call 911. The 911 operators work to prioritize the calls. It is much better to call and not need the Officers than to not call and something happen to you or one of your neighbors.

If you know of any information that might help our officers feel free to email them. They can look into your issue and email you back. It is a great way to communicate.

Reminder during the school year CMPD has a Truancy program that handles 911 calls. Juvenile crime accounts for many of our car break-ins and burglaries. If you see kids leaving school or hanging around during school hours call 911.

We are part of the of the CMPD Freedom R2 Response Area.


Neighborhood Watch Chairperson:

Jill Robbins


Community Coordinator Contacts

Officer Brent Hartley

Officer Kip Cupples

Coordinator Office 704-398-6721

Freedom Division Office 704-398-6731

Crime Mapping Link

You can select a time range and see what is happening in our neighborhood.

We are using as a means of communicating. CMPD can post information for our neighborhood to see.

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Coulwood Community Council, LTD.
PO Box 112 , Paw Creek , NC 28130-0112
founded in 1958

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